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Welcome to the TrackMania URL Protocol website

2005-09-29 : New TMUP Types supported in the specs.

Nadeo has added images, sounds and music in TMO and TMSX. So I've added those file types in the specs. Further more, EasyTM has added thos file support. You can use them with a classic software update.
Check the Specs section.
Check the Client section for software update.

2005-09-25 : New TMUP clients release.

MultiTMUP by Thoun and EasyTM by NazguL where updated yesterday. Please update your version.
Check the Client section.

2005-09-22 : official TMUP specs revision is out.

I've checked with the final TMO release and TMSx so every thing seems to be correct. These specs won't change much now, there can be some improovements. Now, I have to finish the testing ground !
Check the Specs section.

2005-10-09 : revision 0.93 of TMUP specs is out.

A small but very important modification is out. Now, in TMUP Url, you can use "#" instead of "|". The "|" separator is the main and official separator, nothing have to change here. But we've noticed that some forums don't support "|" in URL, so we had to find some alternative "#" separator. Use this separator when "|" doesn't work properly.
Further more, I've added some PANEL file format support (jpg and dds).
Check the Specs section.

2005-09-30 : revision 0.92 of TMUP specs is out.

Some mistakes where found in the draft. So new release with corrections.
Check the Specs section.

2005-09-28 : More TMUP websites !

MrD has added TMUP support to replays in TMX Sunrise and TMX Original. Now the TMX fully support TMUP. Thanks to MrD !
Check the Websites section.

2005-09-28 : revision 0.91 of TMUP specs is out.

This is still a draft. It includes some minor corrections pointed by Thoun.
Check the Specs section.

2005-09-19 : General section done !

As many have noticed, the website content was quite empty yesterday. I've filled all the sections of General part, including websites and TMUP client softwares.

Another section was added to give a simple help for players who wants to use TMUP links on forums and personal websites.

Thanks to OgrO for his advise on the website design.

2005-09-19 : Toolkit for developers and webmasters !

I've created banners, button templates, and logo for you to use on your websites and softwares. Check the new Toolkit section

2005-09-18 : The dirty TMUP website is gone forever !

The new TMUP-Links website is open. Finally I'd time to create some kind of a usable website. So this is it !

I'll try to centralize all data I can gather on TMUP sofwares and websites. You'll find some useful hints, website and client sofware lists. You are invited to discuss about TMUP in the topic created in TM-Forum website. You can find me there.

2005-09-18 : revision 0.90 of TMUP specs is out.

This is still a draft, but it includes some new features added with TM Sunrise Extreme and TM Original. Check the Specs section.

Copyright NazguL