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TMUP is a set of rules. Those rules are described in a PDF document. This document is useful if you want to use TMUP links on your website, or in forums. You'll need too if you want to create a compatible TMUP client software.

This document describes a new way to help TrackMania players and webmasters to handle downloads from any web navigator (Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc). This system is based on TrackMania URL Protocol (TMUP) and a specific client for downloading and installing the files.

Download latest revision of TMUP Specs

Revision history

Date Revision Comments
2006-11-18 2.00 Official TM United support
TM United data folder
TMU environment code allowed with SKIN_3D
2006-10-29 1.92 TM United beta 4 support
TMU doesn't support GHOST and CAMP types
Adding : AIRSHIP
2006-09-20 1.91 TM United beta 1 support
2006-07-10 1.90 Draft for TM United beta support
MAP_ZIP removed
2006-02-28 1.05 Correction : SUBOBJECT was screwed
2006-02-05 1.04 All map types can use game tag instead of environment tag
Correction : Typo on Yacht and Cargo types
Correction : TM Nations doesn't support map images & vidéo
2006-01-20 1.03 Support for TM Nations ESWC
2005-10-29 1.02 Adding : MT_IMG, MT_SND, MUSIC
Reorganized Media Tracker section
2005-10-25 1.01 Correction : TrackMania Layer directory
2005-10-22 1.00 Official release
Adding TMO from Power-Up install registry key
2005-10-09 0.93 Adding # as alternative separator for TMUP URL
Correction : Other file support in PANEL type
2005-09-30 0.92 Correction : folder in CAMP type was wrong
Precision : folder transcript in MATCH type
2005-09-28 0.91 Support for MAP_IMG for TMO
Correction : Missing Zip file type support
Correction : Bad environment in MATCH type
2005-09-18 0.90 Added : CLIP, CARGO, YATCH, MATCH types
Support : TrackMania Original and Sunrise Extreme
Added : HTML Support file template
Correction : Zip structure
2005-05-21 0.10 First draft


If you want to use TMUP links on your website, or to create your own TMUP client, please check you have to latest revision of those specifications and that you follow this set of rules precisely. It's the only way that compatibility between websites and client softwares can be guaranted.

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