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The addicting Nadeo video game TrackMania offers the players many ways to improve the gaming experience. In Sunrise, you can add new maps, new skins, 3D car models, panels, signs, mods, layers, stickers... All those resources have to be downloaded from the many web sites providing them, and copied (or even unzipped) in the right folder. Further more, TrackMania Original has now the same engine as Sunrise. Nearly all features available in Sunrise are in Original too.

As there are many different types of ressources, there are many folders, many naming conventions in TrackMania. Those possibilities are a drawback for new gamers. Even the most experienced players are not very fond of those operations.

Further more, it's not easy to keep track of what you have grabbed from different web sites. Uninstalling maps, or skins is not that simple.

TMUP and TM file types

TrackMania URL Protocol is an open standard designed to help players to grab easily any TrackMania relative ressource file. TMUP describes nearly all file types in TM, for example :

  • Maps, replays, ghosts, map images and bik
  • Campaigns
  • Match settings
  • Painter layers, stencil, stickers
  • Profile, scores, avatars
  • Panel, signs , buildings, flats, shops, yachts and cargo
  • Car skin including 3D models
  • Mods
  • Media tracker clips

TMUP clients and TMUP supporting websites

TMUP is not a software, it's a standard. To use TMUP links, you have to install a specific sofware which will handle the TMUP Urls for you. Go to the Compatible clients section to select on of the softwares you can get.

With one of thoses softwares, you will be able to download and install any TM ressource with only one click, providing the website uses TMUP links. Check the website list to view where you can grab files.

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