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Why using TMUP links ?

TMUP is designed to ease the installation of files for TrackMania Sunrise and TrackMania Original. If you want to share your creations, using a TMUP link will help the players to download and install your files.

As it's easier, more player would install your creation in their TM directories. But as TMUP requires a specific client software, you shouldn't use only TMUP links.

When you use set a TMUP link, on a website, or in a forum, don't forget to set a classic URL too.

How to write TMUP links ?

Setting a TMUP link is very simple. Basically it's the HTTP Url with 2 additional parameters at the right of this URL. The easier is to give an example

If you URL is :

the TMUP link will be :
(this link won't work if you don't have a TMUP client).

So remember, you have to :

  • replace http:// with tmup://
  • then copy the regular http URL as it is
  • set a pipe character ( | )
  • specify the file type keyword (see the table below)
  • set another pipe character ( | )
  • specify the environment keyword (see the table below)

You can use # instead of |, especially on some forums which can't handle | in URLs.

Usual TM file types

These are most used file types. Check the specifications for more file types. But surely, this list will do the job for 95% of your needs. Use the type keyword in your TMUP Url, to specify what to do with the file. This type is mandatory.

File type Type keyword
Challenge MAP
Campaign CAMP
Panel bloc PANEL
Car skin SKIN
Car skin and 3D model SKIN_3D
Texture mod MOD

Environment keywords

In a TMUP Url, the right most part is the environment. It's mandatory too, so you have to set it. Even if the environment is irrelevant (as for panels or campaigns) you still have to set the game (TMS or TMO)

TrackMania environment Environment keyword
Nations, no env specified TMN
Nations, Stadium STADIUM
Sunrise, no env specified TMS
Sunrise, Island ISLAND
Sunrise, Coast COAST
Sunrise, Bay BAY
Original, no env specified TMO
Original, Desert SPEED
Original, Snow ALPINE
Original, Rally RALLY

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